VISION QUEST Hope1 Lesson6


1.There were  a lot of exciting baseball fans on the train.

2.The dog barking at the children is Max, my neighbor’s dog.

3.We were led into a beautiful room decorated with flowers .



1.I need someone ( to ) ( help ) ( me ) with cooking.

2.My brother has a ( dream ) ( to ) ( become ) a vet.

3.That restaurant is not an easy ( place ) ( to ) ( go ) ( to ).

4.I have just received the news ( that ) ( he ) ( arrived ).



1.San Francisco is a city famous for its beautiful views.

2.My father didn’t remember the promise to take us the beach.

3.I can’t imagine the life without music.

4.The city has a lot of tourist attractions to visit.

Practice   p47


1.He is one of the few Japanese novelists who are known outside the country.

2.Do you know the reason why he don’t like cats for some reason.

3.My grandfather often talks about the good old days when there no TV.

4.I’ll give you some tickets to the museum which a lot of children visit.

5.He is a talented director whose films have won many awards.



1.The Chinese food ( I ) ( ate ) ( in ) ( Yokohama ) was delicious.

2.Do you know any restaurants ( where ) ( you ) ( can ) eat local dishes?

3.Tell me ( what ) ( you ) ( know ) about her marriage.



1.You can find whatever you need online.

2.I was late and it was rainy. That’s why I took a taxi to the station.

3.We visited Kinkaku-ji Temple, which we found very beautiful.