VISION QUEST Standard1 Lesson12



1.If you ( come ) to Tokyo, I’ll show you around. もし東京に着たら、あなたを案内しますよ。*条件を表す副詞節だから動詞は現在形にする

2.If I ( were ) you, I would take an airplane to Osaka. もし私があなたなら、大阪まで飛行機を利用するでしょう。*現在の事実に反する仮定法だから動詞は過去形にする(wasの場合はwereになる)

3.Don’t hesitate to ask if ( have ) any question. もし質問があれば、遠慮なく聞いてください。*条件を表す副詞節だから動詞は現在形現在形にする

4.I would buy a car if I ( won ) the lottery. もし宝くじに当たれば、車を買えるのに。

5.If my grandparents ( lived ) nearby, we could often visit them. もし私の祖父母が近くに住んでいたら、私達はちょくちょく彼らに会いに行けるのに。


1.If I were good at cooking, I would make dinner for you.もし私が料理が得意なら、あなたに夕食を作ってあげるのに。

2.Sally would have passed the exam if she had studied harder. もし彼女がもっと一生懸命勉強していたら、そのテストに合格していただろうに。

3.If I had been a doctor, I could have saved him.もし私が医者だったら、彼を救うことができていただろうに。

4.If you had a million yen, what would you do? もしあなたが100万円持っていたら、あなたはどうしますか?


1.if you ( were ) ( to ) be born again, which ( would ) you want to be, a man or woman?

2.If you ( should ) forget your passport, you should have to return home.

3.I would not be here if I ( had ) ( missed ) the train this morning.


1.If ( there were a bridge, we could get to ) the station easily.

2.( If you were to live on a desert island ), what would you do?

3.( If he had accepted the offer, he would be ) in Spain now.



1.I wish I could speak French. フランス語がはなせればなあ。

2.We are late. I wish we had left home before 4:00. 私たちは遅れました。4時前に家を出ていたらなあ。

3.It’s time we bought a new TV set. もうそろそろ新しいテレビを買う時だ。

4.I miss you so much. If only you were nearby! あなたがいなくてとても寂しい。あなたがそばにいてさえくれればなあ。


1.Mary behaves as if she ( were ) a teacher.

2.If it ( were ) ( not ) for ) the clouds, you could see alot of stars.

3.He went home as if nothing ( had ) ( happened ).


1.( Had ) I ( been ) more careful, I wouldn’t have taked the wrong bus. もっと注意深かったら、私は、間違ったバスに乗らなかったのに。

2.We would have lost game ( without ) ( his ) ( advice ). 彼のアドバイスがなかったら、私たちはその試合に負けていただろう。

3.( If ) ( only ) I had enough money to buy that coat! そのコートを買う十分なお金がありさえすればなあ。

1.( I wish I had read this book ) earlier.

2.Sam ( talked as if he had seen ) the movie.

3.If it ( had not been for the discovery, he couldn’t have solved ) the problem.