Crown2 Lesson1 Comprehension/ Exerceses



1. 平田オリザが世界旅行から「たいしてなにも」学ばなかったというのは、______C_____と言うことをを意味している。

 a. 彼はよい経験をあまりしたわけではない

 b. 彼は学校に行けなかったので残念だ

 c. 彼は彼が実際に学んだものが何なのか、今は確かではない



 a. 自由が私たちにとって最も重要なことだ。

 b. 私たちの人生は,運とチャンス次第だ。

 c. 他人へに見知らぬ人たちの新設が私たちの人生を豊かでよりよくする。


3. 平田について本当ではないのは次のどれか? _____c_____

 a. 彼は劇作家だ。

 b. 彼には自分の計画を支援してくれる両親がいた。

 c. 彼は柔軟性を楽観主義を信じていなかった。



 When he was 16 years old, Hirata Oriza bicycled around the world. He started in Los Angeles and met many friendly people in America. In Europe he had interesting ( 1. experiences ).  He had flat tires, got rained on, lost his passport and had his (2. belongings ) stolen.Still he kept on. When he was asked what he had learned from his (3. trip ), he couldn't give big (4. generalizations ). All he could say is that he is (5. different ) from what he was before.




1. Hirata Oriza went ( on ) a trip when he was 16 years old. *went on a trip: 旅に出た


2. I waited for the rain ( to ) stop. *to 不定詞の意味上の主語はその前に{for~}と置く


3. He spoke so fast that I could not figure ( out ) what he said. *figure out: 分かる *so ~that・・・:とても~なので・・・


4. That experience turned ( out ) to be useful for the rest of her life. *turned out to be~:~だと分かった



1. We should not ( depend ) too much on teachers.

 私たちは先生にあまり頼り過ぎるべきではない。 *depend on~: ~に頼る

2. I couldn't remember Judy's ( saying ) such a silly thing. *remember ~ing: ~したことを覚えている


3. I would like you not ( to take ) a leave in the high season. *take a leave: 休暇を取る *would like (人 ) not to 動詞: (人)に~してもらいたいたくない


4. The pay is so low that she is thinking of ( quitting ) the job. *of(などの前置詞)の後の動詞は動名詞をとる



1. The train, ( which is more expensive than the bus ), gets there 20 minutes faster.

2.  ( Akira, who kept working all night, is sleeping ) now.

3. There is no ( reason for him to get angry ).


1.She says that she keeps a bear as a pet, which can't be true.

2. Your sister, whom I met for the first time yesterday, seems to be a really nice person.

3. My mother doesn't like my (me) playing computer games late at night.