Forest Master Drill [標準編」第1-2 章 Challenge  文の種類・動詞と文型

(((((((((((((((((  入試問題  )))))))))))))))))

1) Please ( a.  be ) quiet. I'm studying.


2) Let's go by taxi, ( b.  shall we )?


3) He ( b.  laid ) the foundation of that project.


4) It is often said that the healthiest choice ( b.  is ) wild, not farmed, fish.


5) If you feel ( b.  sleepy ) in class, pinch your cheek and keep your eyes open.


6) Jane is very upset, so we'd better leave her ( a.  alone ).


7) I asked Emily to ( a.  lend ) her cell phone to me, but she wasn't happy about the idea.


8) They meet twice a year to ( a.  discuss ) their plans for the future.




1) " Excuse me. (  Is there a bank around  ) here? " Yes, there's one just down the road, next to the convenience store."


2) ( What a talent she ) has!


(((((((((((((((((  作文問題  )))))))))))))))

1) She doesn't drive a car early in the morning.

2) "Are you an office worker?" "Yes, I am."

3) "Who locked this box?" "Ken did."

4) When will he ( is he going to ) go abroad?

5) Close the window before you go to bed.

6) What an expensive watch he has!

7) The movie sounds ( looks, seems, appears ) interesting .

8) My father bought me two books.( My father bought me two books for me. )

9) The story about a dog made me angry.

10) There are three cats on the grass.