1 I am Yumi I'm new here

2 My name is Larry Jones, This is your classroom.

3 Is this your toy? Yes, it is.



1 This is my friend Song-mee She is Korean.

2  What's this?It is a gift from Japan

3 Who's that lady? Is she from America or Canada?

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1 I like music very much.

2 Do you  like my crone? Yes, I do.

3 What do you have in your bag.

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1 I like eggplants, but I don't like radishes.

2 How many peoples do you need?

3 We're fans of the San Francisco Giants!

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1 Yumi's mother gets up early.

2 Does Mr.Jones goes school by car?

3 Where  is my dog? When does the first bus leave?

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1 Whose is this blue pencil?

2 How old are your dogs.

3 Which do you like, summer or winter?

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1 Close your textbooks and stand up.

2 He can speak English very well

3 Can you play the violin, Yumi?

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1 Yumi is talking on the phone.

2 Dinner is ready! Is she watching television?

3 In the picture Tom is Playing baseball.

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1 Yumi and Jun played tennis together last Sunday morning.

2 Did you study  last night?

3 I had dinner at Yumi's house yesterday.

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1 Were you time for school?

2 Yumi was carrying her tennis racket.

3 In Kyoto it was snowing.

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1 I'm going to see Sam after school.

2 Are you going to Watch the soccer game?

3 Why did you fall in love with her?

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1 I will  bake a large cake for the party.

2 May I use your camera.

3 I must meet him at 2 o'clock, but I'll be late.

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1 There are some eggs in the fridge.

2 How many English classes are there in a week?

3 How much snow was there in Nagano?

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1 You are as tall as Yumi now.

2 Japanese is easier than English for me.

3 London is the oldest of the three cities.

4  Which is newer, Type A or Type B?

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