1 Shall I help? Yes, please.

 2 I have to do my English homework.

 3 Miso smells good and tofu looks beautiful in the soup.

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 1 Her dream is to become a professional pianist.

 2 I went to the library to study for the exam.

 3 It's the weekend, but I have nothing to do today,

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 1 Get the bus at half past one, or you'll be late.

 2 When I got up this morning, my father was waiting for me.

 3 If you feel sick, you should go to the nurse's room.

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 1 I think that he's in the yard.

 2 She showed me a book of poems.

 3 A dog kept me awake.

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 1 My hobby is reading.

 2 Do you like eating pizza?

 3 DO you remember making this birthday card?

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 1 Have you finished your report yet?

 2 Have you ever been to Angel Island?

 3 How long have you played soccer?

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 1 This modern building was built in 1995.

 2  Everyone was surprised at the variety of food.

 3 It was sent to me by my mother.

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 1 Do you have any good English tea?

 2 I like both, I'll buy one now and the other another day!

 3  I really enjoyed myself.

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 1 The house opposite the museum is Mr. Jackson's house.

 2 Who is that boy standing over there?

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 1 I went there with a girl who studies with me at school.

 2 Let's try the tea I bought from England.

 3 What is the best thing that you can recommend to me.

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 1 It's difficult for me to speak Chinese.

 2 My teacher has asked me to talk about Great

 3 Do you know  how to get to the concert hall?

 4 Are you too tired to think in the morning.

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 1 I want to see as many pieces as possible.

 2 Tell me what it means.

 3 The restaurant is on States Street, isn't it?

 4 What a wonderful experience we've had!

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