1  You've been working at the bookstore. 

2  Had you studied English for many years before you came to US?

3  I found many things I had last.

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LESSON2 助動詞の発展的用法

1  It can't be cold in England now.

2  I must have left it at Ming's house.

3  We used to go sightseeing in London.

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LESSON3 不定詞を含む様々な表現

1 It was very kind of your grandmother to recommend an English dentist

2  She gave me some gum to chew so as to keep my teeth clean.

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 *Futher Reading① Kendo 準備中



LESSON4 使役動詞・知覚動詞

1  He made me lough so much.

2  I heard something moving in the bushes.

3  He seems to have left for home.

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LESSON5 受動態の発展的用法

1  I heard that Queen's crown could be viewed there.

2  She was seen crossing our street the day before yesterday.

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1 It has not only crab but also shrimp.

2  You'll get there by the time the lecture starts.

3  I have to study hard so that I can go to good university.

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LESSON7 関係代名詞

1 I'm staying with a lady whose office is in Tokyo.

2  What you are eating is called "haggis".

3  I saw paintings by Dali and Picasso, who were great Spanish artists. 

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LESSON8 関係副詞

1 We went to the restaurant at which we ate last time.

2  This is the school where your father used to study.

3 We went into the city, where we saw a movie.

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*Futher Reading② Grameen Bank 準備中




1  What do you think is the problem.

2  Do you know if she likes Thai food?

3  It is surprising that it's raining so hard!

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LESSON10 分詞・分詞構文

1 They kept us waiting for a long time.

2  Reading a book in my room upstairs, I heard a noise.

3  Not Knowing what to do, I called the volunteer center.

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LESSON11 仮定法

1 If Kevin were here, he would laugh and lough.

2  If I had known, I would have come this morning.

3  The longer I stayed, The more I loved London.

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LESSON12 さまざまな表現

1 The Longer I stayed, the more I loved London.

2  It's Carlos who's always late.

3  He used to take me with him, but he rarely goes now.

4  Never have I seen so many people in our living room!

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